Phoning it in

I am alternately encouraged and mystified by this news concerning a newspaper’s trial run with iPhones.   Newspapers absolutely must provide staff with the necessary tools to accomplish their jobs in the new media landscape – and iPhones are essential.

Is there any question the technology provides an appropriate return on investment? Apparently so. And that’s mystifying. Readers love the “raw footage” provided by staff out in the field. One of the most-viewed videos on the A-D’s website earlier this year was a 27-second clip of a perp walk shot by the paper’s cops and courts reporter on an iPhone supplied by the company. Readers are engaged by the raw and the real, and will return to a newspaper’s website if that type of content exists on a regular basis (and that’s just one way to deploy the technology).

So let’s give the customers what they want. Newspaper companies must invest in mobile technology for newsroom staff. There are dividends to reap. And stories like this one will be filed in the “remember when?” folder.


About Len La Barth

I am a longtime journalist still in love with this heartbreaking business.
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