Breaking news: The bored embrace Facebook

Here’s breaking news: Boredom drives people to Facebook. Unbelievable, eh?

The Huffington Post reports that a recent university study “suggests we use the social media site to cure a simple ailment: boredom. In addition to satisfying our “entertainment” needs, Facebook also attracts us by providing an outlet for “interpersonal communication” and “self-expression,” according to the researchers’ report.

One question: Was this study of 417 undergraduate students, published in the Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, really necessary? Reminds me of the “research paper” I co-authored in college studying the effects of video gaming on interpersonal skills.

The article raises the questions: What if we grow too accustomed to constantly being connected, filling our minds with entertaining or pointless facts? Do we really need to stalk our latest crush for 26 minutes via Facebook when bored?

Which reminds me of this Rockwell video.

About Len La Barth

I am a longtime journalist still in love with this heartbreaking business.
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