Facebook for the voters

So often we hear people bemoaning the lack of citizen participation in one of the great rights we as Americans possess: the right to vote.

California’s presidential primary election turnout in the spring set record-low numbers. OK, so there were no real hot-button issues to attract voters. Is that a valid excuse? No, no, no.

People will make the excuse they are not registered to vote, their registration is outdated or they just don’t have the time to register.

More than a dozen states offer online registration, but Washington state is taking it one step further: The secretary of state’s office will feature an application on its Facebook page that will allow residents to register to vote. In addition, they can “like” the application and recommend it to their friends.

Of course, privacy issues are being raised. But a Washington elections official points out that Facebook doesn’t have access to the state’s database: its page just overlays the voter registration application.

Here’s a clear example of social media benefiting the democratic process. Mobiledia details why this voter registration move makes sense. Here’s hoping other states soon follow suit.

About Len La Barth

I am a longtime journalist still in love with this heartbreaking business.
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