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I am a longtime journalist still in love with this heartbreaking business.

And the story pitch…

It’s true – you never forget your first city editor. Jim Sneddon, who is now city controller in York, Pa., provided a certain brash, young reporter with valuable guidance at the start of his career in 1984. I thought of … Continue reading

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Learning to lead

“When you are a person of influence, people look to you for cues and clues. We all know people who make the workplace better and brighter just by showing up. They combine realism and pragmatism with hope and a relentlessly … Continue reading

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Correct me if I’m wrong?

Funny coincidence: The other night I sent my partner in crime a text with the word “Clamato” – you know, the drink mix. Or so I thought. What she received was the auto-corrected work “calamari”  – which made absolutely no … Continue reading

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Hollywood goes to social media

I’ll admit to liking the movie “Ted.” Seth McFarlane, in my opinion, is a subversive comedy genius. But how has the raunchy film about a foul-mouthed teddy bear and his human best pal become the  most successful R-rated comedy of … Continue reading

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Learn something new (almost) every day

Finding the time to study up on media trends, absorb new information and gain new skills is always challenge. But it’s essential to carve out precious learning moments as often as possible. Miranda Mulligan, the new executive director of the … Continue reading

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“Quote approval” just plain wrong

Two “truisms” I learned as a young reporter: never submit your story to the subjects of the story to “review” in advance of publication, and never agree to quote approval. I always considered it a trust issue: I believed the … Continue reading

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Facebook for the voters

So often we hear people bemoaning the lack of citizen participation in one of the great rights we as Americans possess: the right to vote. California’s presidential primary election turnout in the spring set record-low numbers. OK, so there were … Continue reading

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